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Aug 10 2018
Debt Recovery

12 steps to finding the perfect doorstep collections service

Here at First Capitol Collections, we know how daunting it can seem when engaging the services of a doorstep debt recovery agency. Over our years in the business, we have amassed a wealth of experience and have a strong track record in helping businesses recoup money.

The following are the 12 steps we recommend you take to find the perfect doorstep collections service for you:


1. Information

Take the time to gather information about your outstanding accounts. You should put together files which detail the history you have with the debtor and all paperwork relating to the debt.


2. Research

When contacting doorstep collection agencies, ask for details of the contract you will be entering into. You should make a note of any timeframes and charges for cancelling.


3. Listening

Debt collectors do need to have tough conversations, but, you should look for a company that is courteous and listens to the debtors.


4. Talking

A successful approach is to open a dialogue with the debtor. A trained doorstep collector will not harass or hassle the debtor; they will empathise and negotiate.


5. Time

If the debt is a very old debt, you will need an agency with lots of experience.


6. Compliance

All collection agents should be compliant and act within the laws and guidelines set out.


7. Reputation

Take a look at company testimonials and other review sites. Get to know the history of the company – you want to work with a company which has a strong track record.


8. Recovery rate

The cost of the doorstep collection service is irrelevant without the recovery rate. Try to find out what success rate they have for your business area and debt type.


9. Clients

Does the collection company work with other clients in your area of business? Ask for a list of similar companies and testimonials from them.


10. Contact

It is important that the firm you use keeps in regular contact with you. They should offer progress reports at intervals which you feel comfortable with.


11. Protection

The company you work with needs to protect your own business’ reputation. The company should act professionally, to allow valuable customer relationships to be maintained.


12. Fees

Charges can vary greatly between different agencies. Take the time to compare costs, commissions and any additional fees which could pop up.


First Capitol Collections are experts at recovering outstanding debts quickly, so for more information please contact us today.

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