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Aug 31 2018
Debt Recovery

5 things most people don’t know about doorstep collection agents

It’s a common misconception that doorstep collection agents are scary people who arrive at people’s homes to intimidate and threaten before repossessing their possessions. The throng of television shows displaying overly-dramatised versions of events and frightening thugs coming to people’s homes only serves to make the industry appear much more terrifying than it really is.

In reality, outsourced credit control companies and debt recovery services are much less sinister. Here are 5 things most people don’t know about doorstep collection agents.


1. Doorstep collection agents can’t repossess goods

Unlike a bailiff or an enforcement agent, doorstep debt collection agents don’t have any special legal powers that allow them to repossess goods. Their role is to try and work out a payment agreement with the debtor so the creditor can recover money owed.


2. Debt collectors aren’t scary people who only serve to threaten people

When a debt collector comes to the door, they aren’t there to threaten or harass the debtor. Rather, the sole purpose of the visit is to establish contact with a person who has defaulted on a payment, before determining whether the debtor is able to make a payment arrangement to begin repaying the amount owed.


3. Debt collectors and debt recovery services are only representatives

The debt collector who arrives on the doorstep is only a representative of your creditor. The company or person to whom you owe the debt may have hired a professional debt collection agency to help them recover some of the outstanding money you haven’t paid.


4. Doorstep collectors aren’t allowed to harass clients

Despite what the TV shows display, doorstep collectors aren’t allowed to harass people. They aren’t allowed to talk to family, friends, flatmates or neighbours about your debts and they certainly can’t force their way into your home or refuse to leave if you ask them to go.


5. Doorstep collection agents can recover debts from debtors outside the UK

Some people believe they can avoid dealing with debt collection agencies after they leave the UK. However, a reputable collection agency is able to work with a variety of contacts within the industry who can track a debtor across several countries to recover the money owed.

Professional debt recovery services work entirely within the framework of the law right across England and Wales in either commercial or residential premises. If you need to recover debts from creditors who have become unresponsive, contact us on 03333 444991 to see how we can help.

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