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Oct 5 2018
Credit Control

5 ways debt collection can help your business

Using debt collection services can be hugely beneficial to your business. It can help to improve your cashflow, increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary stress. Here we explore the benefits of using debt collection for your business.


1. Increase productivity

According to a Barclays report (https://www.dsluk.net/2013/11/5-ways-debt-collection-can-help-your-business/), small businesses spend 1.65 hours each day chasing missed payments. This is 20% of the working year for one employee and this can be hugely stifling for businesses that are stretched for resources anyway. Using an external collections agency can free up a huge amount of time in your business to increase productivity.


2. Maintain cashflow

Cashflow problems are significant for small businesses because it can leave them unable to meet repayment requirements of their own. Maintaining a healthy cashflow is essential in business to protect your reputation and your credit rating too. With debt collection you can ensure that there is a steady injection of cash into your business all year round.


3. Competitive advantage

External debt collection agencies can help you to access your cash faster and maintain a better cashflow. In turn, this can give you a competitive edge over your business rivals because it gives you access to your profits. While they are still waiting on payments you can look forward and invest to help your business grow.


4. Remove unnecessary stress

Getting debtors to pay the money that they owe you can be hugely stressful for individuals and businesses because it is fundamentally unpleasant to have to ask people to pay what they owe you. With an external debt collection agency carrying this work out for you, you can instead enjoy the knowledge that the money owed will be paid and this stress can be relieved. By relieving this stress you can take more pleasure in your work and focus more on the factors that matter.


5. Protecting profits

Your hard-earned cash is needed in your business to protect your own profits. One of the biggest threats to businesses is caused by low cashflow levels because this leads to borrowing and missed payments of your own. All of this will cost you more in the long run, so having your cash available to spend can help you to protect your profits.

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