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Sep 12 2018
Debt Recovery

6 things most people don’t know about doorstep collections

Although doorstep collections are an effective method of debt recovery, many people aren’t aware of how the process works. In order to dispel the myths surrounding doorstep debt recovery, we’ve put together 6 facts which most people aren’t aware of…


1. Anyone can use a credit collections agency

Whilst most people assume that debt collection agencies only work on behalf of large companies and corporations, this isn’t true at all. Whilst multinational companies can certainly benefit from using doorstep collections, all types of businesses, self-employed traders and even individuals can make use of outsourced debt recovery services.


2. You don’t have to sell the debt in order to outsource credit control

In some cases, businesses may want to sell an unpaid debt to a third party and this can be a viable option. You don’t have to sell the debt in order to implement a doorstep collection, however. Instead, you can simply outsource your requirements to an experienced credit control agency in order to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.


3. Individuals can be traced prior to a doorstep collection

In order to avoid debts, people will sometimes move house and fail to provide a forwarding address. However, this doesn’t mean that they can avoid their debts forever. Working with an external collections agency means that the individual can be traced so that collection activity can be restarted as soon as possible.


4. Doorstep collections are a cost-effective option

Whilst it may be tempting for businesses to write debts off, this can have serious financial consequences in the long-term. Using outsourced credit control enables organisations to recoup their outstanding invoices at a relatively low cost.


5. Experience counts when it comes to debt collection

Although doorstep collections may sound easy to carry out, the reality is very different. People can have a wide range of reactions when faced with debt collection personnel and it’s vital that you use experienced professionals to carry out the task.


6. Legal documents can be served

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for legal documents to be served when a debt remains unpaid. If a debtor cannot pay an appropriate amount during a doorstep collection, experienced staff can serve the appropriate legal paperwork, if it’s necessary to do so.

To find out more about outsourcing your credit control requirements and implementing a doorstep collection scheme, contact us today.

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