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Aug 24 2018
Debt Recovery

8 surprising facts about our doorstep collections agency

When people hear the words “doorstep debt recovery”, it may conjure a certain image in their head based on the way the occupation has been characterised in film and television. We’re here to dispel the rumours with these 8 surprising facts about our doorstep collections agency.


1. It’s not a violent process

In TV and film, debt collectors can be presented as violent or coercive, when in reality, the process is nothing but professional. First Capitol’s doorstep recovery agents have been trained to an exceptional standard. They use their expertise in negotiation and adaption to encourage unresponsive debtors to repay either their debts or create a reasonable, customised payment plan.


2. You can avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation

With our credit collections agency, there’s no need to resort to litigation. Instead, let our doorstep collections service work to restore the debt you’re owed quickly and efficiently.


3. Verify your debtor’s address

By sending a debt to collections, you can discover if your debtor is actually living at the property they’ve claimed to reside in.


4. Get photographic evidence of your debtor’s property

When you’ve outsourced credit control to First Capitol, you’ll receive photos and a full description of your debtor’s residence, which could provide significant evidence if litigation became necessary.


5. We help many different people

Whether you’re looking for a one-off visit or multiple accounts, we can help you to recover finance agreements which have been made exempt from the Consumer Credit Act, such as commercial and private rent arrears, the majority of payment arrears and more.


6. Receive a detailed account of the debtor’s assets

When you use an external credit agency like First Capitol, you’ll receive information of the assets both inside and outside your debtor’s property which may be seized in litigation.


7. Gain knowledge of the debtor’s expenditure and full income

Unfortunately, subjects who struggle with credit control may make attempts to evade discovery. However, with our outsourced credit management team, you can find out how much your debtor is actually earning and spending, which means we can quickly help you to resolve the issue with your debtor.


8. You’ll receive a full, detailed report of our visit

This will include any important information and evidence discovered to assist us with your debt recovery or the calculation of our next plan to help you.

For more information about our debt recovery services, please click here.

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