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Nov 21 2018
Debt Recovery

A Step-by-Step Guide to Doorstep Debt Recovery

Many large or small businesses, sole traders or even individuals find situations arise where they need a doorstep debt recovery service in order to get information about what is happening at a location, and even to ask for money or possessions owed to be returned. There are services like First Capitol Collections who can carry out this work for you, whereby they will visit the property of your debtor and open up communication with them encouraging them to pay, or at least enter some kind of payment arrangement, without involving the courts.


If you choose to hire a debt recovery company, the process will go as follows:

1. A member of the team will meet with you to check what your requirements may be, and to confirm that the fee has been agreed and it is appropriate to take action against a debtor.


2. The case will be opened up in our records, and payment arrangements will be made to ensure the formalities are dealt with from the outside.


3. The case will be allocated to a case member from the team, who will determine and outline a plan of action. Then, a certified enforcement agent, or an investigator, on the ground will be chosen as per their skillset and sent to undertake the first visit. These people are qualified and experienced, and are part of a national team that covers the whole country.


4. A collection visit will be carried out at the property of the debtor by the agent or investigator. This will be with a mind to ascertaining whether this person is in a position to pay their debt (in which case they will be encouraged to do so), or whether involving the courts would be a worthwhile route to take.


5. Once the visit is completed, you will be invoiced as per the existing arrangements.


6. Our findings will be reported to you, and we will advise you as to our recommended course of action.


Doorstep debt recovery is a delicate process, and it is not advisable to carry this out in person as it can quickly escalate into conflict. First Capitol Collections exists to do this kind of work to ensure healthy discussions are opened up and things move forward in a positive and professional manner. If you would like to explore how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us (https://www.firstcapitol.co.uk/contact/) and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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