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We are a leading Debt Collection Agency that believes no debt is too small!
Our clients range from large multi-national corporations to small local businesses.
Your debt – our solutions! We adopt a swift no-nonsense approach. We use proven techniques and in some instances, we can actually get your debt paid legally within 3 working days!
Unresponsive debtor? Don’t worry, we have over 120 professional recovery agents that can visit your debtor nationwide to collect payment.
Absconded debtor?  Don’t worry, we use a sophisticated industry-leading trace verification process that leaves no stone unturned to locate your debtor’s whereabouts. 

Did You Know?

Each year over 50,000 businesses fail as a consequence of late payment. A survey of 1000 SMEs conducted in 2019 by Hitachi Capital reported that over a third [33%] of customers had attempted to reduce or delay payment. 

Over 74% had failed to make payments at least once during their agreed terms.

For many small businesses going to court is not considered as an option to collect a late payment, with costs and time being the main factor.

No two debts are the same! Call now and speak to a member of our debt collection experts.

Don't Waste Time Waiting

We understand the impact that outstanding invoices and debts can have on your business and cash-flow.

Taking action immediately can help reduce the risk of these outstanding payments causing irreversible damage to your business. 

Collectively, late payment costs businesses in excess of £50 billion a year as a result of chasing late payment, extra overdraft fees, interest on credit cards and lost opportunities.

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30 years combined experience

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5 Reasons to Choose First Capitol

  • We provide nearly all of the associated collections services under one roof; nationwide Doorstep Collections, Credit Control, Tracing, Pre-sue Reports etc.
  • We have over 30 years combined experience and are fully aware of the debt collection process.
  • We provide tailored and bespoke solutions to recover what you are owed and we know how to get your debtors to pay!
  • We provide a totally professional and effective service – Our experienced case managers are always on hand to provide a free no obligation consultation.
  • Our services are available on a No – Win no commission basis.


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We would like to reassure all of our customers that First Capitol Collections are open for business as usual.


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