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Jul 18 2018
Debt Recovery

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Doorstep debt recovery: it’s not as difficult as you think

When you need to fully establish the circumstances under which a debtor is living or you are looking to secure all outstanding debts, there are a range of actions that can be taken. One action that many people shy away from considering is the use of doorstep debt collections, yet this is a proven and regularly effective way to deal with such situations.


How can doorstep debt recovery help?

The key is to make use of professional doorstep collection agents’ services. There are several key benefits to be gained from doing so. Firstly, it can be a solution that avoids litigation, which can often be both time-consuming and expensive to those seeking redress.

Another important advantage of using such a service is in the information gained. If you have lost contact with debtors, a doorstep visit is a simple and effective way to re-establish this link. Doorstep collection agents can also help confirm that the debtor’s address you have is accurate. If it is not, this action at least provides valuable information as you search for their actual location.


Making your case water-tight

Using a professional and experienced doorstep collection service will also deliver other key information, which can often be vital for moving a debt recovery process forward. You will have a clear timeline of their visits and information relating to any interviews they undertake.

This can be backed up by both photographic evidence and detailed descriptions of the debtor’s property, together with details of any assets which might be seized if you are later forced down the litigation path. You can also be provided with detailed information regarding the individual’s income and expenditure levels.

Doorstep debt recovery services are regularly and effectively used in the recovery of rent arrears for both commercial and private premises, overdue invoices, outstanding contractual or finance agreement payments. Actions can involve a single visit or be part of an investigation into multiple debt situations.

When choosing a company, you’ll want to be confident that all activities are undertaken within a legal framework and are carried out in a highly professional manner. This is the reputation our experienced teams have worked hard to gain, so if you’d like to know more about doorstep debt recovery, Please contact us here at First Capitol Collections now.

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