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Aug 3 2018
Debt Recovery

How to solve issues with your debt recovery

Debt recovery issues are a nightmare for businesses and recovery costs you money because this is time better spent earning more money. Here we explore the ways in which you can solve issues with your debt recovery.


Improve customer information collection

When you create a new relationship and offer credit to a new client, you should improve your data collection process. Obtain a signed credit application from customers and obtain a bank reference, a personal credit report where appropriate and the right to recover fees spent collecting on an account. With this information, it will become far easier to collect on accounts when needed.


Be strict on credit terms

If a customer begins to make late payments on debts that they owe you then it is important to act quickly to show them that there are consequences to missing payments. Debtors will often delay payments because of cash flow issues and if you allow them to then they will keep pushing their luck. Reduce the credit line and inform them of the next steps if they do not pay. Being clear about the consequences right away will help you to avoid entering a debt recovery situation in the first place.


Utilise an agency

Utilising a debt collection agency can take away all of the hassle and frustration of collections. Very frequently you will find that people will pay up immediately once they are contacted by a collection agency and this can put your issues to bed straight away. Doing so will also enable you to get on with the running of your business without having to worry about trying to recoup these losses.


The best way to solve debt collection issues is through prevention. Tightening up your agreements with clients and obtaining the right information when you enter into an agreement can make it far easier to collect on the payment when it is due. When they do occur, First Capitol collections agency will always offer you the best chance of getting your money back with as little hassle as possible.

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