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Mar 18 2019
Debt Recovery

What happens when a debt collector makes a doorstop collection?


Knock, knock! Doorstep collections are an aspect of the debt collection process that has a reputation for not being very pleasant. Those in debt fear them and will do anything they can to escape them, which in turn can make it tough for the debt collection agent. Here at First Capital Collections, however, we have found this method to be extremely fruitful when it comes to recovering debt on our clients’ behalfs. We have also found that when we follow the regulations and be fair with them, debtors can be more open to working with us as we go about the business of debt recovery. Here are the regulations that we will also stick to when recovering debt on your behalf.



We are not allowed to turn up at your debtor’s work, nor are we allowed to tell neighbours or anyone else the nature of our visit. We always ensure that we are speaking to your debtor before we explain the purpose of our visit. We also always carry ID cards, which we always offer to the debtor so that they can verify our identity and we always make it clear which debt we are there to see them about.


No pressure

As debt collectors we are not allowed to apply pressure to the debtor, nor are we allowed to force entry into their home and seize their goods. We are, however, allowed to speak to them about their debt and talk about a repayment plan. We often find, that where we are reasonable, debtors respond well to face to face conversations and we can walk away with an agreement in place to recover your outstanding debts.


Legal obligations

Debtors aren’t legally obliged to open the door to us. It might be the case that your debtor never speaks to us. We will, however, keep detailed written records of all our visits. These can help you build a case if it ever comes to taking your debtor to court to recover your money.


Ar First Capital Collections, Doorstep recovery is one method that we use to help recover your money. Our agents are highly skilled and possess exceptional peoples skills. In addition we have a whole host of methods that we employ to ensure that your debtors pay you what they owe as quickly as possible. If you have an issue with unrecovered debt, give us a call today.

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