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Sep 14 2018
Credit Control

Why you should spend more time thinking about outsourced credit control

When it comes to scaling your company, one of the biggest hindrances to growth is difficulty in collecting money owed. Not only is managing your credit control very stressful, it also uses up a lot of time and means taking your eye off the core focus of the business. It could be that outsourcing your credit control is the best way forward for your company. If you’re thinking of making this decision, here are 6 benefits to consider.


1. Improved customer relations

Dealing with debt recovery is a very tentative subject and one that can quickly lead to a breakdown in relations between you and your customers. However, an outsourced agency has much greater experience dealing with these issues and can help to better maintain those relationships whilst still getting the job done. This includes the particularly hard-to-handle customers.


2. Frees up your time

Dealing with debt collection is a very timely process and one that has a steep learning curve in order to manage effectively. Outsourcing this area of your business frees up time that you can better spend elsewhere.


3. Improved working cashflow

At the end of the day, the reason for credit control is collecting money you are owed and giving you more funds for new projects. An effective campaign to manage your credit frees up this much-needed working cashflow.


4. Implement effective systems and allow you to scale

As your company grows, you naturally start to find issues, such as credit control, that build up to a point that they cannot be effectively maintained. A good agency will be able to implement more advanced systems that make this process much more seamless and straightforward in the future.


5. Reduced overheads

Outsourcing credit control means not needing to hire anyone in your current office environment. Not only does this mean not having to go through a lengthy recruitment process, it also decreases any need to accommodate more workers in a cramped office.

The most important part of outsourcing your credit control is finding a reliable and trustworthy company to help you in the right direction. Here at First Capitol, we have years of experience working with companies all across the country to improve their credit control and implement effective future systems on which to grow. To find out more about what we offer, and to see whether we are the right company for you, get in contact today.

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