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Apr 15 2019
Credit Control

Why you should view debt collection as an investment rather than a cost

Outsourcing debt recovery services to a debt collections agency is a step no business should take lightly. When debt reaches the point where it needs to enter collections, it’s important to choose the right collections agency. Of course, all businesses care about costs. But choosing a collections agency on cost alone is never advisable.


Cutting costs and cutting corners

There are many debt collections agencies out there offering a wide number of services. Many of them boast about their low costs, which may seem like an attractive prospect. After all, your business is already out of money on the debt – why would you spend more than you have to get it collected?

The issue is that not all collections agencies are equal. A collections agency acts as a representative of your business during the collection, so you want to make sure you’re choosing well-qualified professionals. If you examine the credentials of agencies offering bargain basement services, you quickly find out how many of them view things such as professional accreditation and legislative compliance as “optional”.

You have to ask where a collections agency is making savings to pass on to you. Often you’ll find they do it by not hiring professional collections agents, and having little understanding of intricate legalities surrounding the business of debt collection. They sometimes fail to undertake the proper due diligence required to ascertain the appropriate collection method – one size definitely does not fit all! Some operate on a high volume, low-quality basis.


Changing your state of mind

This is where a simple alteration in your outlook means you’ll ultimately experience a better quality of service from your debt collections agency. Look at it not as a cost, but an investment. You’re investing in the agency’s professionalism, their experience, and the time and effort they have put forward to make sure their agents are presentable, polite, and properly trained.

You’re investing in the debt being collected efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. You’re in business yourself and don’t expect to simply give away your high-quality products and services for nothing – the same applies to your debt collections agency. Be willing to invest, and you’ll find a much higher quality service.

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