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At First Capitol, We employ a team of highly trained debt recovery consultants
who have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the legal collections process. We take care of the whole process, from start to finish.

We aim to stay one step ahead to collect your debt, quickly. In addition,
we have a dedicated team of nationwide
doorstep debt recovery agents who available to meet debtors, face-to -face, 363 days of the year.

Services We Provide

Your Problem - Our Solutions

A Complete Range of Debt Collection Services

We provide comprehensive debt solutions as we offer nearly all of the associated debt recovery services under one roof, from;
initial investigation of your debtor/creditor to people tracing/verifying businesses, doorstep collections, and process serving.

Should it become necessary, upon referral, our Nationwide panel of solicitors can instigate legal proceedings on your behalf on a
No Win – No Fee basis.*
*Subject to an initial consultation. For debts in excess of £10,000

Why Work With First Capitol


We provide multiple services all under one roof.


We have mastered our processes to perfection!


We provide a service completely bespoke to your situation.


We are proud of our dedicated & experienced case managers.


It's as fair as that!

No Two Debts Are The Same

A debt collection agency that provides a personalised service

Typically, no two debts are the same; one size does not necessarily fit all. Therefore, we do not use a “scatter-gun approach” to tackle matters.
Information and our understanding are key, so we methodically take the time and effort to harvest as much information as possible. For example, when dealing with a debt owed by a company,
we will investigate; the company’s structure (directors/shareholders, etc.), their current and past financial performance.

For debts owed by an individual, we will conduct a preliminary pre-sue report to ascertain if any tangible assets could be seized if litigation is commenced.
We do not use “production line letters”; we only use bespoke letters which outline in detail the full chronology of the debt.

5 Star Debt Collection Agency

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First Capitol just spent time talking to me with regards to a debt which I want settled. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and seemed to really want to help me get the money owed to me for the smallest cost. Highly recommended."
- Charlie Walker


"During the initial phone call he pinpointed exactly how best to deal with the individual owing the money, and true to his word First Capitol delivered, and I received my money back within 3 days of that initial call. I really can't recommend them enough!
-Adam Kendal


"First Capitol acted quickly and were very thorough with the advice and time that the case needed. The communication we received from them was fantastic and we got the result we needed. "
- Helen Mercer-Jones, ERE Property LTD

Source: Google Reviews

Case Studies

We were contacted by the director of a large family-owned double glazing glass manufacturer…

When Charles O’Neal’s demands for payment of £14,000, plus VAT, from an ex-business associate, fell…

A popular national wedding styling company had several debtors in excess of £23,000…

Two years ago a roofing company with an annual turnover in excess of three million …

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