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Our Services

Debt Recovery

We believe in firm & decisive action. Our aim is to collect your money swiftly and efficiently and whenever possible…​

Credit Management

Our Credit Control Management has an excellent understanding of the need to ensure that your business has good “watertight”…

Doorstep Collections

Our Agents objective is to whenever possible secure the full outstanding monies owed or to fully establish the debtor’s circumstances.

Tracing & Field Enquiry Agents

Our Tracing & Field Enquiry Agents have an enviable track record in finding people. We have a number of clients…

Nationwide Process Serving

We have a dedicated nationwide team of agents who have the expertise in serving all types of legal documents and…

Legal Escalation & High Court Enforcement

It may become necessary to escalate the recovery of a debt through the courts …

Company Vetting & Credit Report

Many businesses take risks by providing credit without checking their “customers” ability to pay. A good report can avoid this...

Financial Status Investigations

Business/Individual Pre-Sue or Pre-Litigation Reporting is a reliable & effective tool for any business requiring hard unbiased evidence...

Tenant Credit Check

Many Landlords have failed to look into their tenant’s background and have got stuck with tenants that fall into arrears…


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