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Nov 7 2018
Debt Recovery

10 surprising facts about doorstep debt recovery

When you have a debtor you or a debt collector can use a lot of means to contact them to ask them to pay the debts they owe to you. One of these methods is to send a debt collector to your home to visit them in person. A debt collector is not an enforcement agent or bailiff, however, and they have no special legal powers. Here we explore 10 surprising facts about doorstep debt collection:

1. A debt collector can visit the debtor’s home to discuss arrears with them. They are allowed to use this as a means of contacting them in order to encourage them to meet repayments of their debts.

2. A debt collector can discuss these debts discreetly with the debtor and can try to get them to set up an arrangement for meeting repayments in order that they can settle the debt.

3. They can ask the debtor to complete the payment there and then. They may have the means to take payment and they are entitled to ask for the payment to be made at that point.

4. A debt collector cannot, however, visit the debtor at their workplace. The workplace is out of bounds for the debt collector as this may damage the debtor’s employment situation.

5. The debt collector cannot act in a way that is threatening, intimidating or disturbing to the debtor’s home. The debt collector should be discrete in their interactions and should not cause a scene.

6. They cannot force their way into a property. A debt collector has no right to enter a home for the purposes of debt recovery.

7. Doorstep collections do not allow for any forcible removal of property. The debt collector is prohibited from taking any possessions without permission from the debtor.

8. A debt collection agency is also prohibited from clamping a car or other vehicle to reclaim a debt.

9. A debt collector cannot pretend that they are a bailiff or claim any legal force that they do not hold. Doing so is illegal and they cannot misrepresent their powers.

10. A debt collector is also not allowed to discuss any debt or finances with anyone except the debtor including family members, neighbours and flatmates.

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