Oct 22 2020
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Need to Find Someone?

It may be easier than you think

When a friend, family member, or even colleague, asks to borrow money from you, it can be awkward to refuse, especially if they seem in desperate need.

Typically, we never think twice about saying no, or hanging up to sales reps, or telemarketers, expecting us to part with our money; however, when it comes to someone with whom you’re familiar, it can be challenging to say no. 

Payment service Paym found that over 12 million people in the UK admitted to falling out with their friends and family over money issues, one-third of these instances were from lending only up to £100.

Need to Find Someone?
Need to Find Someone?

When you think about it, it is not surprising since money issues are prevalent in this day and age. 

Unfortunately, it is common for people who have financial challenges to disappear; of course, this
doesn’t help the lender, who is rightfully trying to recover their own money.

If you have found yourself in this situation, where someone owes you, or your business, money, and
you can’t make contact with them, or it feels as though they have disappeared off the face of the
earth, all is not lost!

Understandably, you will feel frustrated, and you might be half-resigned to the fact that your cash is a
complete right off, but it is imperative that you handle this situation professionally and not

Here at First Capitol, we have an intelligent people finder service which can help recover what
you’re owed, fast.

How to Find Your Missing Debtor by Name and Address

The whole thing sounds underhand, dodgy, or slightly too good to be true, but it’s entirely above board and fully legal.

Many individuals and businesses pay to use an intelligent and professional address searching service to find someone who has not been responding to contact thus far.

The service produces the best results to find someone’s address when you can provide as much information as possible.

Once you have provided information on your debtor, your request is given to a team of highly trained professionals, who use several intelligent open-source data and searching procedures which are not open to the general public.

As a result, you can find a person in the UK far easier and quicker than before.

Is it legal?


We are talking about extremely professional and experienced investigating staff, who understand the importance not only of ensuring that they cover as much ground as possible, but that The Data Protection Act is fully complied with.

No part of our people finder service operates outside the law.

Even if you don’t have the “subjects” current details or a last-known address; a phone number or any other information can be just as sufficient.

Many believe that these people tracking services will stop at their last known address and that they can sneak away without a trace, but it’s incredibly difficult to remove your footprint and come off-grid completely

Need to Find Someone?
Need to Find Someone?

Debt Recovery, Simple, Fast and Effective

Nobody is disputing the fact that money difficulties can hit some people hard, especially during a pandemic. However, if someone owes a sum of money and refuses to pay, despite how well you thought you knew them, it is a situation that needs addressing.

If that person then absconds, or goes “missing”, in an attempt to avoid paying the money they owe, they might assume that they’ve got away with it; be assured, there are options available to help you recover your money.

If you want to find a person by name in the UK, a people tracking service can help you. From there, you may decide to contact the debtor directly to try again to recoup the money owed, or alternatively, you can instruct a professional debt collection agency to act on your behalf.

The benefits of using a professional debt collection agency are that they can use the correct tools, terminology, and law to contact your absconded debtor and recover your losses.

76% of our clients begin with using our people tracing services and then go on to use our professional debt recovery services.

Our people tracing services have multiple options available to give you information as quickly as possible.

There is even an option to get you a result within 3 minutes!

Our 7 Day People Trace Service includes various pieces of information, such as the “subjects” credit report, land registry information and a written report with a recovery score (an analyst of the “subjects” credit rating) which will help you to make an informed decision as to how to act next.

There will rarely be times when a trace is not successful. However, our people searching service is fast and effective.

We currently hold a 97% success rate on all traces.

If (for whatever reason) we are unable to complete the trace, rest assured, we have a no-trace, no-fee policy in place to ensure that you do not suffer any further losses.

Whether you need a people finder service for residents in the UK, or your business needs to carry out people searches, we have services available to help you with all aspects searching for someone’s information and recovering debts.

Please contact our specialist team and discover how we can help you today.

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